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Buses to Belgium

shipments to BELGIUM

We organize transport of people by buses to Belgium. Taught by years of experience in the international transport industry, we focused on distinguishing ourselves from the competition with the highest travel comfort and its quality.

What does this mean for you? Travel to Belgium in a high-class bus, which not only inspires confidence, but is actually safe and comfortable. Care of a professional driver who knows the route like the back of his hand and can react appropriately to any situation on the road.

Flaga Belgii

When we go to BELGIUM?

The buses to Belgium run daily, which gives you the opportunity to book a ticket for the exact day you want to reach your destination. Departure times are also convenient – always in the morning.

When are we coming back from BELGIUM to Poland?

We also offer return transport to Poland, so whenever you plan or have an urgent need. to return to our country – please contact us. We will quickly set the rules for the journey you care about. Our buses run daily, from Belgium to Poland, always in the afternoon or evening, so you will surely find a time convenient for you.
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Ticket price to BELGIUM

With the Galaxy Trans bus you will get to Belgium for as little as PLN 400.00, the price of tickets starts from this amount – our employees provide information about the final costs of the journey after knowing the destination. A short phone call or e-mail is enough to find out the answer to all questions, including those about financial matters.