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Terms and Conditions

1. General
1.1 The terms used in the Regulations shall mean:

a) Passenger – a person using the transport service on the basis of a valid ticket
b) Carrier– a company that transports Passengers by bus on the basis of permits and licenses issued by competent public administration bodies.

1.2 Making a reservation means concluding a contract of carriage and accepting the provisions of these Regulations.

Certyfikat zaufanego przewoźnika dla Galaxy Trans


1. The passenger should take a seat in the bus indicated by the staff.

2. The Passenger is obliged to meet all travel requirements, i.e. to have valid exit, entry and other documents entitling to travel (identity card, passport, visas).

3. The Passenger bears full responsibility for the lack of the above. documents. The Carrier reserves the right to refuse to transport a person who does not have a valid travel document and visa required to cross the border, and stipulates that the bus will not wait for a Passenger who has undergone individual customs and passport control. The passenger is not entitled to a ticket refund or any other compensation.

4. The passenger is obliged to comply with the order regulations in force in transport and the recommendations of the bus service.

5. The Passenger is responsible for damages caused to the Carrier (including in particular for damage to the vehicle’s equipment) and other Passengers in accordance with the general rules provided for by the provisions of the Civil Code.

6. A passenger who intentionally or negligently pollutes the vehicle is obliged to pay the Carrier an amount equivalent to the costs that the Carrier must incur in order to fully repair the damage.

7. The passenger is obliged to use seat belts during the journey.

8. The Carrier is not responsible for minors traveling without a legal guardian.

9. The Passenger is covered by the Carrier’s accident insurance (NNW). The insurance covers only situations that may occur during the Passenger’s stay in the bus. Other fortuitous events causing damage to the Passenger outside the vehicle are not covered


1. The Carrier has the right to require the Passenger to present a valid document (identity card, passport and visa) before the start of the journey. If the above travel documents are not presented, the Carrier will refuse to accept the Passenger on board the bus, without the possibility of pursuing any claims in this respect.

2. The Carrier has the right to prevent taking a seat in the bus or refuse further transport without the need to reimburse the costs incurred by the Passenger in connection with the journey, if the Passenger:

a) does not comply with the provisions of these Regulations,

b) is in a state indicating the consumption of alcohol or intoxicants (e.g. drugs),

c) is in a condition or behaves in a way that could adversely affect the safety or comfort of travel of fellow passengers. The legal consequences of the above-mentioned situations are borne by the Passenger.
The use by the Carrier of the rights referred to in this point does not entitle the Passenger to claim any compensation on this account.

3. It is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and other intoxicants and to smoke in vehicles.

4. The Carrier will make every effort to transport the Passenger and his luggage at the right time, in accordance with the timetable, but for reasons beyond his control, he cannot guarantee it.

5. The Carrier is not responsible for delays and their further effects caused by administrative factors (e.g. customs controls, police checks, ITD controls) or other factors beyond the control of the Carrier (e.g. technical problems, weather conditions, difficulties in road traffic or at border crossings and ferry delays).

6. The Carrier is not responsible for cancellations for reasons beyond its control (e.g. closing borders, due to the needs of national defense or security, or in the event of a natural disaster), or any further, unspecified consequences resulting therefrom.

7. The Carrier reserves the right to introduce transfers during the journey for logistical or safety reasons.


1. The passenger is entitled to free transport of 2 pieces of luggage: 1 piece of basic luggage (suitcase, travel bag, backpack) with a total weight not exceeding 50 kg and 1 piece of hand luggage weighing up to 7 kg.
2. Hand luggage should be of dimensions that allow it to be placed freely under the seat. Hand luggage should not hinder the freedom of travel for other Passengers.

3. It is forbidden to transport items that are not allowed to be transported under separate regulations. The Carrier will refuse to take baggage that is dangerous or smells bad.

4. The Carrier shall not be liable for damages consisting in the loss or damage of cash, jewellery, securities, electronic equipment and items of scientific, artistic or collector value, unless the items were accepted for safekeeping or the damage resulted from intentional fault or gross negligence of the Carrier. .

5. Items left in the bus due to forgetfulness or for other reasons are not covered by the protection and responsibility of the Carrier, they are stored by the Carrier for a period of 30 days.

6. The carrier is not responsible for baggage mistakes.

In matters not covered by the above regulations, the following provisions shall apply:

– Act of 15 November 1984 on transport law (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2000, No. 50, item 601, as amended),
– the Act of 23 April 1964, the Civil Code (i.e. Journal of Laws of 2014, item 121).